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A little information about us

The Innovations Factory is a social enterprise. The principal aim of Innovations Factory is to play a key role in the economic regeneration of the Liverpool area. Innovations Factory is an initiative designed to provide integrated information advice, guidance, informal training and support in a way, which minimises barriers and optimises take up.

what we offer

The UK Online centre

The UK online centre is situated off Park Road, Dingle and is an approved UK online centre. The centre has been open for the last 7 years and has provided free Internet access for local residents. The centre has been invaluable for many, helping them to apply for Jobs online, write CVs, search jobsites, learn basic computer skills. Create email accounts, contact long lost relatives over the Internet and much more.

The Mobile IT Bus

The Mobile IT bus is a state of the art 3G Internet equipped bus. The bus can be used for many applications and has been used in the past for Training, Online courses, Jobsearch, CD Based courses such as Food Hygiene, First Aid, Fire Safety, and Construction Skills. For more information about hiring the bus contact us on: 07876136551

Next Steps

Next steps is an initiative to help people prepare for work who may have difficulties or problems that have previously prevented them from obtaining employment.

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